Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation


National Training Counsel (NTC) wishes to inform all of an upcoming training opportunity from the people and the government of India.  While NTC awaits further information regarding application procedures and related details, please take a moment to review the training material.  Thank you.

National Training Counsel (NTC) ej ṃōṇōṇō in kōjeḷāik aolep kōn juōn iien kamminene enaaj bōk jikin ejab to jen kiō im letok in armej kab kien eo an India.  Ilo tōre in NTC ej kōttar eḷapḷọk meḷeḷe ko ikijien wāween kanne 'application' ko kab meḷeḷe ko jet, jouj im bōk jidik aṃ iien ñan liñiri meḷeḷe kein ikijien train ko.  Koṃṃool.

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