Ministry of Health & Human Services

Biomedical Engineer (Ebeye)

Closing Date: Until Filled

Environmental Health Program Manager (Ebeye)

Closing Date: Until Filled

Performance Based Budget (PBB) Coordinator (Ebeye)

Closing Date: Until Filled

Associate Administrator Support Services (Ebeye)

Closing Date: Until Filled

Staff Physician/Family Medicine (Ebeye)

Closing Date: Until Filled

Chief Pharmacist (Ebeye)

Closing Date: Until Filled

Chief Accountant (Ebeye)

Closing Date: Until Filled

Staff Physician/Pediatrician

Closing Date: Until Fiiled

Outreach Coordinator (Ebeye)

Closing Date: 6-26-2021

Ministry of Works, Infrastructure, & Utilities

Auto Body & Fender/Painter

Closing Date: 6-22-2021

Ministry of Culture & Internal Affairs

Director, Gender In-Development

Closing Date: 6-26-2021

Social Worker (2 Openings/Ruo Bellok)

Closing Date: 6-25-2021

Ministry of Natural Resources & Commerce

Trade Facilitation Officer

Closing Date: 6-18-2021


Press Secretary

Closing Date: Until Fiiled

Ministry of Finance, Banking, & Postal Services

Grant Writer

Closing Date: Until Filled

Taxpayer Service Officer

Closing Date: 6-29-2021

Accounts Reconciliation-General Fund

Closing Date: 6-29-2021

Weather Service

Facility Technician

Closing Date: Until Filled

Complete your application forms, sign or insert electronic signature, and send with CV or Résumé if available and send to, or drop off at our office, every Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.


We will only accept completed applications that are submitted with these required documents:

  • Two (2) reference letters from the persons indicated as "Reference".

  • An official copy of transcripts from the most recent school attended (Transcripts must be send directly to PSC from the school/institute).

  • Photocopy of your valid "Drivers License" or "Passport".

  • Photocopy of your RMI Social Security Card.

  • Copies of your letters of completion, degree(s), diploma(s), certificate(s) from any training, workshop, and seminar attended.

  • Copies of Health Clearance and Police/Criminal Clearance.

  • Copies of your child/children birth certificates(s) and their valid passport.


Applications must be signed or insert an electronic signature, and turn in or emailed to the Office of the Public Service Commission, on or before the closing date of the Employment Announcement.