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Implemented by: Pacific Community (SPC)

2018-Strategic Leadership Workshop


Leadership Training commenced November 8,9, & 12, 2018  . Photos

National Disaster Management Office

RMI National Disaster Management Office Newsletter Vol. 2

GRMI's National Disaster Management Office's Newsletter, Issue No. 2, January-March 2018. View Newsletter (pdf)

1st Government Employee Forum

1st RMI Governmen Employee Forum

PSC's Chairman Donald F. Capelle's state for the first ever Government Employee Forum. VIEW Chairman's Statement


Message from President Heine regarding the VONC.

MEMORANDUM: Social Media


Instruction of the use of Facebook and playing games on the computer during working hours. View Memorandum (pdf)

HRMIS-Human Resources Information Management Syste


A (2) two weeks training was commenced September 24th to October 3rd, to launch the first ever, HR Management system by 2Interact . Photos

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