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The Public Service Commission is an equal opportunity employer mandated by the Constitution of the Republic of the Marshall Islands pursuant to Article 7; Shall be the employment authority of the GRMI and shall have general oversight and control of its organization and management and shall be responsible for reviewing the efficiency and economy of all Departments and offices; Prescribes and determines the conditions of employment of the employees of the Public Service. Pursuant to Public Service Commission Act of 1979, Commission shall be responsible for adopting and enforcing regulations; Delegating its authority to qualified individuals, except final decisions in proceedings concerning personnel actions; Administer oaths in any adjudicatory and investigative functions of the Commission; Subpoena witnesses; administer and control government owned or leased houses.

The Commission's priority is to promote efficiency in the execution of public policy. This responsibility includes most importantly training and development of a highly capable and efficient workforce. The Commission is also cognizant of the important consideration for securing the proper tools and safe workplace for government employees. Recently the Commission has secured life insurance for all employees under its care with an arrangement with a U.S. private firm. It promotes recruitment and advancement  through merit, and puts performance at its core of operation.

Republic of the Marshall Islands Public Service Commission invites you to seek employment within the service whether you are a citizen, non-citizen, new graduate, an employee of the private sector, a current government employee or an experienced professional. "We are an Equal Opportunity Employer".

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