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Iokwe! Welcome to the Republic of the Marshall Islands! The Republic of the Marshall Islands’ Public Service Commission, as mandated by the Public Service Act of 1979, Section:2(e) is charged to identify, secure and provide suitable accommodations for its employees.  The following are some of the basic tips and pointers on What Do I Need to Know about the RMI government Housing Program.


The RMI/Public Service Commission’s Housing Department provides living spaces and housing rental units that usually comes with 1 -3 bedrooms.  The housing rental units are not fully furnished therefore an incoming tenant may need to buy their own appliances, furniture, laundry equipment, beddings, and other accessories. The same goes for the kitchenware, utensils and other kitchen necessities such may be needed to be purchased by the tenant.


The government approved rental rate is $750.00/month. Any excess beyond this approved rate, shall be footed by the tenant only, and government will not be responsible.   


Electricity in the Republic of the Marshall Islands is being serviced under a metered system, and one must purchase “Cash Power Cards” to keep their places powered up.  Cash Power cards can be purchased around convenience stores, Hotels or at the Electric Company Offices.


The daily Water and Sewer distributions are billed on a monthly basis at the rate usually determined under a fixed rate system. For more information, please contact the Waste and Sewer Company.


As the administrator of the government Housing Program, the Housing Division, Public Service Commission, usually places the newly incoming tenants where everything is within walking distance and to ensure security and convenience to and from the working sites is of high priority continuously.  


Convenient mean of transportation around town (Majuro and Ebeye) is usually provided by the various local Taxi services with charges ranging from $1.00 each way (around Down Town Area), and $2.50 each way (Rita to Rairok area), and also a $5.00 one way ride fare from the down town area to the national airport and beyond, (Ajeltake to Laura).  As for Ebeye, taxi fares are about the same with residential located within walking distances as well.


Living quarter for any eligible government employee works in the outer island communities are subject to the same treatment and arrangement stipulated in the PSC Housing Policy, and be handled in manner so prescribed in the Housing Standard Operational Procedures. For details, please contact the Housing Division at the PSC office.


Attached, for safety purposes, please find a map showing the locations of both the National Police and the Majuro Local Police Stations.

Once again, a big smiley welcome to our humble shores here in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. If you have any questions or would like to inquire further on some of the tips and pointers as presented, please feel free to contact PSC at the following phone numbers: (692)625-8298/ (692)625-8498/Housing Division personnel, PSC.  


Kommol tata, and do enjoy your stay!

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